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Best Reviewer is site which makes it very easy to get back links pointing to your own website, blog or articles.

It is very easy to use, accounts are free and you can even make some cash through it, but I wouldn’t book the cruise just yet! I’ll explain more later as that isn’t the purpose of this article.

I have been using it to get those all important links pointing to my own work and the good thing about using this method is visitors are highly likely to be the kind I want, i.e. interested in what I’m offering!

The way Best Reviewer works is very simple. You create a Top which is a list of up to 20 short descriptions and links pointing to websites, articles and blogs relating to the title of your Top.

For instance, my latest Top title is 4 Tops To Write Away The Winter Nights. If you clicked the link you will see that it begins with a very short paragraph which explains the Top and then even shorter descriptions of the links pointing to various websites, articles and blogs all of which belong to me!

A short concluding paragraph finishes it off and one click of the button publishes the Top for instant public viewing.

It took me all of 10 minutes to write the Top and publish it to Best Reviewer which has given me 4 valuable back links to my own work.

Before you rush off and start creating your own Tops you should keep the following in mind to maximise the benefit of those back links.

1. Think carefully about your title. This will turn into a clickable URL when published so it should contain keywords relating to your topic. Unfortunately I forgot my own advice when I created 4 Tops To Write Away The Winter Nights so I’m now going to give my wrists a good slap!

2. The same goes for the links to the articles, websites and blogs. Make sure the title contains the specific keyword of what you are promoting.

3. Creating a final paragraph is optional, but I recommend you do it! You want Google to pick up your Top so the extra content will help. Include keywords if you can.

4. Your introduction paragraph is compulsory. Again, take some care to include keywords if possible. To get your Top picked up by Google as quickly as possible use the share buttons on the site to post to Facebook etc.

Also “ping” the page by using a free ping service such as Pingler.com. You can also use the RSS feed to submit to the RSS aggregator services.

Now, back to earning cash from your top. This is through the site displaying Google AdSense ads on your pages. You need an AdSense account to participate as you have to add your AdSense account number to your Profile. Not difficult and AdSense accounts are free.

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